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Read : 2020-05-26

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Graduate student solves decades-old Conway knot problem” by Erica Klarreich (Quanta Magazine, 2020-05-19).
  2. The world’s greatest coach is not who you think” by Joshua Robinson & Ben Cohen (Wall Street Journal, 2020-05-19). Water polo legend Ratko Rudic.
  3. The mystical, mind-sharing lives of tulpamancers” by Katie Tandy (Narratively, 2019-12-12).
  4. Jacinda Ardern sold a drastic lockdown with straight talk and mom jokes” by Damien Cave (NY Times, 2020-05-23).
  5. Money and modern life” by Daniel Lopez (Aeon, 2020-05-25).
  6. What is the difference between ‘metonymy’ and ‘synechdoche’?” (Merriam-Webster).
  7. Till we have faces” (Wikipedia). A novel by C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman (husband and wife).
  8. Humpback whales have made a remarkable recovery, giving us hope for the planet” by Dr. Kirsten Thompson (Time, 2020-05-16).
  9. Over 100 million in China’s northeast face renewed lockdown” (Bloomberg News, 2020-05-18).
  10. Does contact tracing necessarily sacrifice privacy? (via Nicky Case)” by 3Blue1Brown (YouTube, 2020-05-14).

Good to know : HTML, LaTeX, and hyperreferences to particular pages of a pdf :

  1. Create a URL to open a PDF file at a specific page” (Adobe).
  2. # converting to %23 in links to external PDFs” (GitHub).

Also good to know : The meaning behind the lyrics of “Yankee Doodle” :

  1. Why did Yankee Doodle call a feather ‘macaroni’?” (Merriam-Webster).

Read : 2020-05-18

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The market v the real economy” (The Economist, 2020-05-07). “There is little euphoria, just a despairing reach for the handful of businesses judged to be all-weather survivors.”
  2. A perky stockmarket v a glum economy” (The Economist, 2020-05-07).
  3. There is less trust between Washington and Beijing than at any point since 1979” (The Economist, 2020-05-09).
  4. ‘Once upon a virus’: China mocks U.S. in Lego-like animation” (Reuters, 2020-05-04). An English translation of the animation can be viewed on YouTube (posted by New China TV).
  5. China’s military is tied to debilitating new cyberattack tool” by Ronen Bergman & Steven Lee Myers (NY Times, 2020-05-07).
  6. Naikon APT: Cyber espionage reloaded” (Check Point Research, 2020-05-07).
  7. Project CAMERASHY: Closing the aperture on China’s Unit 78020” by ThreatConnect Research Team (ThreatConnect, 2015-09-23).
  8. How runners around the world are cooking in quarantine” by Becky Wade (Becky Runs Away, 2020-05-07). As Becky puts it, “a good excuse to check in with friends all over the world”…and share recipes to try.
  9. Advice on life and creative integrity from Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson” by Maria Popova (Brain Pickings, 2013-05-20). Reflections (and “Calvin and Hobbes” comics) on Bill Waterson’s 1990 commencement address at Kenyon College.
  10. Art talk: ‘Painting Edo’” (Harvard Art Museums, 2020-04-29). 10-minute film on early modern Japanese painting with Rachel Saunders, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller curator of Asian art.
  11. Rice memories : Natalie Kirchhoff” by Natalie Kirchhoff (Rice Owls, 2020-05-05). “Looking back, I see the importance of humble confidence and grit. Being confident in one’s ability and having the willingness to persevere day in and day out and not loose hope…”
  12. Rice memories : Lennie Waite” by Lennie Waite (Rice Owls, 2020-05-12). “[F]or the most part, I attached myself to my friends and the training came naturally. We were truly enjoying the process. The 2007 season taught me so many valuable lessons related to team cohesion, support, confidence, the importance of a growth mindset, and it instilled me with faith that the combination of hard work and enjoyment are unbeatable.”
  13. The real Lord of the Flies: What happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months” by Rutger Bregman (The Guardian, 2020-05-09).
  14. China is happy to fill the leadership vacuum left by the U.S.” by Matthias Gebauer, Ralf Neukirch, RenĂ© Pfister & Bernhard Zand (Spiegel, 2020-05-06).
  15. The confessions of Marcus Hutchins, the hacker who saved the Internet” by Andy Greenberg (Wired, 2020-05-12).
  16. The coming disruption” by James D. Walsh (Intelligencer).
  17. Can the women and girls of a small Texas town take back the purity movement?” by Emma Specter (Vogue, 2020-05-14).

And for your (my? our?) sporting entertainment :

  1. BBC’s Andrew Cotter commentates penguin parade on Australia’s Phillip Island” by Matilda Boseley (The Guardian, 2020-05-11).

Read : 2020-04-08

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Wuhan finally free as Chinese stocks rebound” by Alex Frew McMillan (Real Money, 2020-04-08). “Chinese shares have gained 7.1% since March 23, when death and infection counts clearly started to slow. That trimmed stock losses for the year by half to a 7.7% fall in 2020.” The article also discusses (speculates on) the true extent of the disease in China and other countries.
  2. Zoom Video Communications poses new risk parameters for longs” by Bruce Kamich (Real Money, 2020-04-07).

Read : 2020-04-05

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Life in lockdown: From shock to panic to…acceptance” by Pien Huang (NPR, 2020-03-18).
  2. China’s draconian lockdown is getting credit for slowing coronavirus. Would it work anywhere else?” by Amy Gunia (Time, 2020-03-13).
  3. Bernanke and Yellen: The Federal Reserve must reduce long-term damage from coronavirus” by Ben Bernanke & Janet Yellen (Financial Times, 2020-03-18).
  4. Ask the know-it-alls: What is the coronavirus?” by Sara Harrison (Wired, 2020-03-03).
  5. How South Korea flattened the curve” by Max Fisher & Choe Sang-Hun (NY Times, 2020-03-23).
  6. The savior elite: Inside the special operations force tasked with rescuing Navy SEALS” by Joshua St. Clair (Esquire, 2019-12-26).
  7. AI is changing work — and leaders need to adapt” by Martin Fleming (Harvard Business Review, 2020-03-24).
  8. Why you can smell rain” by Tim Logan (The Conversation, 2018-08-27).
  9. Why calling the market bottom doesn’t matter” by Ethan Wolff-Mann (Yahoo Finance, 2020-03-24).
  10. Reflections by Becky Wade” by Becky Wade (Rice Owls, 2020-03-24).
  11. What’s inside the Senate’s $2 trillion coronavirus aid package” by Kelsey Snell (NPR, 2020-03-26). In particular: Approximately 300B USD for one-time cash payments to individuals (subject to income cap) and 260B USD for “extra unemployment payments”. “The bill adds $600 per week from the federal government on top of whatever base amount a worker receives from the state. That boosted payment will last for four months.”
  12. Policy basics: How many weeks of unemployment compensation are available?” (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 2020-03-23). Short answer: It depends on the state.
  13. SprintFIT: A guide to sprinting for fitness” (ALTIS, 2020-03).

Read : 2020-02-07

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. China sacrifices a province to save the world from coronavirus” (Bloomberg News, 2020-02-05). Widespread shortages and resignation in Hubei province.
  2. The Democratic primaries will be a contest between radicals and repairers” (The Economist, 2020-02-06).

Read : 2020-02-06

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. How China manipulates foreign firms” by Ben Halder (OZY, 2019-12-11). A more accurate title, perhaps: “How China uses its market power to its advantage. Why are you surprise?”
  2. A better way to optimize” by Brad Stulberg (The Growth Equation, 2020-02). “When you optimize for real you move deliberately instead of rushing. You are in control of your day instead of being controlled by your day.”
  3. Why we ease off when our goal is near” by Steve Magness (The Growth Equation, 2020-02). “We have to train against this natural desire, teaching our mind and body to hold ourselves to the quality that we had when we were filled with enthusiasm at the beginning of the project. Make it a habit. Or, as the track coaches of the world always say, ‘Always practice running through the line, not to it!'”

Read : 2020-01-10

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. China’s industrial policy has worked better than critics think” (The Economist, 2020-01-02).
  2. Continents of the underworld come into focus” by Joshua Sokol (Quanta Magazine, 2020-01-07).
  3. What made the moon? New ideas try to rescue a troubled theory” by Rebecca Boyle (Quanta Magazine, 2017-08-02).
  4. Black Britons know why Meghan Markle wants out” by Afua Hirsch (NY Times, 2020-01-09).
  5. The workplace of 2050, according to experts” by Michelle Ma (Wall Street Journal, 2020-01-08).

Read : 2019-12-18

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Graduate students strike” by Marina N. Bolotnikova (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01/02).
  2. Forum: Doing less harm” by David Hemenway (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01/02).
  3. The mystery of mathematics” by Jacob Barandes (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01/02).
  4. Famous fluid equations spring a leak” by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2019-12-18).
  5. What is chocolate? Don’t go through the rest of your life not knowing” by Alex Beggs (Basically, 2019-12-11).
  6. Why California should not adopt New York’s ‘right to shelter’” by Deborah Padgett (OZY, 2019-12-18).
  7. A surveillance net blankets China’s cities, giving police vast powers” by Paul Mozur & Aaron Krolik (NY Times, 2019-12-11).

Read : 2019-11-03

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Gaggle knows everything about teens and kids in school“, by Caroline Haskins (BuzzFeed, 2019-11-01). This is modern life, as we have allowed it to become.
  2. ‘Defend China’s honour’: Beijing releases new morality guidelines for citizens“, by Lily Kuo (The Guardian, 2019-10-29). To some extent, could this serve as a warning to our personal lives, about what happens when we want to tell others how to behave?
  3. Sara Hall just wants to have fun (and 8 other pieces of running advice)“, by Erin Strout (Women’s Running, 2019-10-30).

    [My races] don’t define me, and my self-worth isn’t on the line… As a result, every year I’m freer to take big risks.

  4. Code girls: The women cryptographers of WWII“, by Maria Popova (Brain Pickings, 2017-12-11). A discursive survey highlighting the role women played in US code-breaking efforts, especially during World War II.

Read : 2019-10-22

Top articles:

  1. Snowden in the labyrinth“, by Jonathan Lethem (The New York Review of Books, 2019-10-24). A thoughtful analysis of and reflection on Edward Snowden’s memoir, “Permanent record”.

Other articles:

  1. History is made as Eliud Kipchoge becomes the first human to break the two-hour marathon barrier” (INEOS 1:59 Challenge, 2019-10-12).
  2. Marathon records test the limits of human physiology and shoe technology“, by Joshua Robinson (Wall Street Journal, 2019-10-13).
  3. Should consumers be able to sell their own personal data?“, by Christopher Tonetti & Cameron F. Kerry (Wall Street Journal, 2019-10-13).
  4. How ‘white guilt’ in the age of Trump shapes the Democratic primary“, by Astead W. Herndon (New York Times, 2019-10-13).
  5. Overlooked no more: Mitsuye Endo, a name linked to justice for Japanese-Americans“, by Stephanie Buck (New York Times, 2019-10-13).
  6. Extra time: how smart exercise keeps you younger for longer“, by Neil Tweedie (The Guardian, 2018-04-29).
  7. College volleyball rankings: The toughest tests left for the top teams“, by Michella Chester (NCAA, 2019-10-15). Baylor vs Texas. Twice.
  8. China weaponizes education to control Tibet“, by Ben Halder (OZY, 2019-10-16). Is Tibet the only place where this happens, and the Chinese government the only perpetrator? Are there not unnerving parallels to central control of education in other countries? perhaps yours?
  9. Dogs 101: Everything you should know about bathing your dog” (DogTime). Brush before bathing, use lukewarm water (dog skin is sensitive!), use dog shampoo (dog skin is sensitive!), rinse very very well, air dry, TREATS!!!
  10. Start your autonomous engines (Rivian vs. Cruise vs. Uber ATG“, by Michael Wenner (EquityZen, 2019-10-16). An overview of three companies involved with electric and autonomous vehicles.
  11. How to talk to a woman“, by John Gorman (Medium, 2018-01-29).
  12. Ordinary people focus on the outcome. Extraordinary people focus on the process.“, by Anthony Moore (Medium, 2018-08-28).
  13. 10 habits of consistently happy people“, by Anton Chevalier (Medium, 2019-04-08).

Math and science articles:

  1. Inherited learning? It happens, but how is uncertain“, by Viviane Callier (Quanta Magazine, 2019-10-16).
  2. With category theory, mathematics escapes from equality“, by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2019-10-10).
  3. Alexander Grothendieck (1928-2014)“, by David Mumford & John Tate (Nature, 2015-01-14). In memoriam.

On derived categories and infinity categories:

  1. The language of infinity-categories” (Kerodon).
  2. Emily Riehl” (Johns Hopkins University). Dr. Riehl’s home page.
  3. Lectures on infinity categories“, by Vladimir Hinich (arXiv, 2018-11-04).
  4. Understanding the derived infinity category“, by Akhil Mathew (Climbing Mount Bourbaki. 2012-07-14).
  5. Gabriel’s theorem and birational geometry“, by John Calabrese & Roberto Pirisi (2018-04-06).