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Read : 2020-03-23

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The coder and the dictator” by Nathaniel Popper & Ana Vanessa Herrero (NY Times, 2020-03-20).
  2. Cryptography pioneer seeks secure elections the low-tech way” by Susan D’Agostino (Quanta Magazine, 2020-03-12).
  3. I read the 1936 book that launched Warren Buffet’s career and it’s truly inspiring” by Bill Murphy Jr. (Inc, 2018-08-02). The author points out the following five lessons: (1) Act now, not tomorrow. (2) Do what you know. (3) There’s no time like right now. (Similar in spirit to point 1.) (4) Ordinary people can become extraordinary. (5) Every generation thinks they have it harder.
  4. Does running a marathon suppress your immune system?” by James Turner & John P Campbell (Medical Express, 2018-04-18). An article pointing out reasons to be skeptical of earlier evidence that endurance athletics suppresses the immune system.
  5. Immune to it all” by Jayme Moye (Runner’s World, 2011-09-29). Tips for staying healthy.

Read : 2019-06-28

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Why you need to watch the USWNT vs. France“, by Jason Gay (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-27).
  2. The soccer team built to beat the U.S.“, by Joshua Robinson (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-26). That would be France, the USA’s opponent in today’s quarterfinal’s match.
  3. Supreme Court declines to set limits on political gerrymandering“, by Jess Bravin & Brent Kendall (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-27).
  4. The Democrats’ small-band debate is a recipe for failure against Trump“, by Lauren Claffey (OZY, 2019-06-27). A warning to politicians treating voters like…well, like Facebook treats its users, “lumping and re-lumping…voters into neat groups that are served a specific message, tailored for their interests…”
  5. Cryptocurrency winners are starting to emerge“, by Aaron Brown (Bloomberg, 2019-06-07). The article cites ADA, DASH, ETH, LTC, TRX as coins that “failed to maintain their values in terms of Bitcoin at the market low in December 2018”; MIOTA, NEO, XLM, XMR, XRP as coins that “have not maintained their Bitcoin capitalization in the 2019 rally”. The author is positive on “five currencies…that took full advantage of the rally in December 2017, maintained good value even at the lows in December 2018, and have rebounded sharply”: BAT, BNB, BTC, EOS, FRC; and on certain “coins introduced…after the peak”: BSV, CRO, DAI and MKR, ONT, XTZ. The author ends warning that cryptocurrency investments are “high risk” and says he invests 2% of his portfolio in diverse cryptocurrency holdings (for what it’s worth).
  6. Goodbye, object oriented programming“, by Charles Scalfani (Medium, 2016-07-23).

Read : 2019-06-20

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The monopolies of the future will be Chinese — and state-owned“, by Ben Halder (OZY, 2019-06-17). My take-aways: China is home to several State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs). These SOEs are large and growing larger fast. (Then again, China is large, so are we surprised that eventually Chinese companies will outnumber American ones in the Fortune 500?) The article alleges that SOEs “benefit from favorable legislation and regulation” — not surprising, given the ownership, but examples would be nice.
  2. The Trilemma“, by Marina N. Bolotnikova (Harard Magazine, 2019-07/08). A long, well written survey of economist Dani Rodrik’s work.
  3. Zip code vs. genetic code“, by Erin O’Donnell (Harvard Magazine, 2019-07/08). A short case study of how to mine data.
  4. Facebook unveils cryptocurrency libra in bid to reshape finance“, by Jeff Horwitz & Parmy Olson (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-18).
  5. Libra coin? What you need to know about Facebook’s answer to bitcoin“, by Parmy Olson (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-18). A concise FAQ for Facebook’s libra. At least, what (little) is now known.
  6. The speed freak who transformed running“, by Katie Arnold (NY Times, 2019-06-14). A book review of “Running to the edge”, by NY Times deputy sports manager Matthew Futterman. Love the quote: “They are chasing victory, but also the primal idea of doing what the body was meant to do, doing it beautifully and to its fullest extent, which are really the same thing.”
  7. Why Americans are so skeptical of impeachment“, by James C. Cobb (Zocalo, 2019-06-19). Blame Andrew Johnson, and the convenience of viewing everything in politics as being primarily politically motivated.
  8. U.N. investigator calls for probe of Saudi officials in Khashoggi killing“, by Carol Morello & Kareem Fahim (Washington Post, 2019-06-19). Call of the obvious, or, when politics trumps humanity.

Read : 2019-06-15

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Why the NSA called me after midnight and requested my source code“, by Peter Avritch (Medium, 2018-10-23). Part of me appreciates the author’s desire to protect others. Part of me wonders why someone (or some organization) that wants your help can’t share a little more about what your help is actually going to be used for. (Oh, right, the secrecy is meant to protect us.) Part of me realizes there is very little individuals can do against modern state power. Part of me is impressed that individuals are still willing to band together and try and, sometimes, prevail (see Hong Kong), at least on the surface.

In the crypto world, several announcements about exchanges delisting certain coins for, or outright blocking, US users. None of the articles cites a reason. Presumably the delisted coins are not “US compliant”.

  1. Binance DEX website will geoblock users from 29 countries, including the US“, by Adrian Zmudzinski (Coin Telegraph, 2019-06-02).
  2. Crypto exchange Bittrex to block US users from trading in 32 cryptos“, by Adrian Zmudzinski (Coin Telegraph, 2019-06-09).
  3. US residents will lose access to many altcoins on Binance starting in September“, by Max Broddy (Coin Telegraph, 2019-06-15). I think what the article title means is, Certain altcoins will be untradable for US users, via any (legally registered) market, when Binance becomes unavailable to US users (though I thought this was scheduled to happen 1 July, not in September).

Read : 2019-06-14

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Telegram hit by DDoS attack! Blames China” (Ciso Mag, 2019-06-13). The attack coincides with political protests in Hong Kong against the mainland government; protestors reportedly use Telegram to coordinate, and Telegram founder Pavel Durov claimed the attack came mainly from IP addresses in China. The article clearly explains a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.
  2. ‘Brave like Gabe’: Remembering the runner who never gave up in the face of an unbeatable opponent“, by Tim Layden (Sports Illustrated, 2019-06-11). What a rousing end to the story, how fitting given Gabe’s foundation, and how lovely the parallel to athletics, were this once unbeatable opponent taken down by team effort in the (near?) future.
  3. The U.S. is purging Chinese cancer researchers from top institutions“, by Peter Waldman (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2019-06-13).
  4. How Washington learned to love debt and deficits“, by Kate Davidson & Jon Hilsenrath (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-13).
  5. Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, libra, gets big backers“, by AnnaMaria Andriotis, Peter Rudegeair, & Liz Hoffman (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-13).
  6. Who ‘deserves’ to go to Harvard?“, by Heather Mac Donald (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-13). One extreme, as told by the other? Power imbalances exist; systemic inequities exist; feelings of entitlement exist. Each can be protected against, exploited, mitigated, exacerbated. As for the “capitalist ethos”,…what’s described sounds more like a “meritocratic ethos”, no?
  7. The Engadget staff on ‘Neon genesis evangelion’“, by Daniel Cooper (Engadget, 2019-06-14). Netflix is set to release the 24-year-old Japanese series on its platform 21 June.

Read : 2019-06-12

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Hong Kong extradition: police fire rubber bullets at protestors” (BBC News, 2019-06-12).
  2. Draft bill proposes 10-year prison term for dealing in cryptocurrency” (India Today, 2019-06-08).
  3. What happened to Taylor Swift’s girl squad?“, by Shelby Slaughter (InStyle, 2018-12-13).
  4. The first US women’s soccer team took needle and thread to their own uniforms“, by Sean Braswell (OZY, 2019-06-12).

Read : 2019-06-04

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Facebook will be the PayPal of crypto“, by Michael K. Spencer (Blockchain Positive, 2019-05-10). Lots of claims, a few references. Good to know and consider.

Read : 2019-06-02

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Are we fighting a war on homelessness? Or a war on the homeless?“, by Ginia Bellafante (NY Times, 2019-05-31).
  2. NSA denies its cyberweapon was used in Baltimore attack, congressman says“, by Scott Shane & Nicole Perlroth (NY Times, 2019-05-31).
  3. A new era of money #Facebook coin“, by Sarvesh Mathi (Altcoin Magazine, 2019-03-30). “[T]he digital currency will be a stable coin and will be first made available for foreign remittances on WhatsApp.” The author speculates that Facebook’s cryptocurrency will attract users via its convenience and low(er) transaction fees. The author notes similarities between Facebook’s purported plan and WeChat’s payments model.
  4. Why specialization can be a downside in our ever-changing world“, by Angela Chen (Verge, 2019-05-30). An interview with David Epstein about ideas in his new book, Range, discussing the merits of and dynamics between specialists and generalists. I like the quote from Herminia Ibarra he mentions: “We learn who we are in practice, not in theory.” Recalls an observation that great scientists of the 19th century (and probably other centuries, too) kept reflective journals. Also, Epstein’s discussion of science curiosity (versus science knowledge) makes me think about the flat-earth documentary “Behind the curve”.

Also, cool to know:

  1. The cost of ceiling fans vs. air conditioning: what’s the difference?“, by Gil (, 2012-07-26). Be aware of the website’s potential bias!

Read : 2019-05-21

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Finland is winning the war on fake news. What it’s learned may be crucial to Western democracy“, by Eliza Mackintosh (CNN, 2019).
  2. Australia’s China challenge“, by Damien Cave (NY Times, 2019-05-20).
  3. Key habits heighly effective runners share“, by Molly Hurford (MapMyRun, 2019-05-13). Revisiting Covey’s “7 habits”, with running in (and on the) mind. She discusses useful mindsets, like cultivating a healthy relationship with racing and understanding the principles of your training.
  4. Facebook is experimenting with robots to push its AI forward“, by James Vincent (Verge, 2019-05-20).
  5. Sophie Turner on ‘Game of thrones’, Sansa’s end and ‘disrespectful’ fan reactions“, by Jeremy Egner (NY Times, 2019-05-20). Her reaction to fans’ “vitriol” — not surprised, look outside yourself — is telling.
  6. Ever wonder how bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work?“, by 3Blue1Brown (YouTube, 2017-07-07).

Read : 2019-05-03

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. With a simple twist, a ‘magic’ material is now the big thing in physics“, by David H. Freedman (Quanta Magazine, 2019-04-30).
  2. The insane demand for cybersecurity workers“, by Gary Rivlin (OneZero, 2019-04-30). Short article, scant on content, but gets the point across.
  3. Did Cambridge Analytica help to create ‘digital wokeness’?“, by Manoush Zomorodi (Mozilla, 2019-04-22).
  4. Jim Cramer: Why we need to be worried about certain aspects of this market“, by Jim Cramer (Real Money, 2019-05-02). One word: over-exuberance.
  5. Are cryptocurrencies ready to break out of their niche?” (Knowledge @ Wharton, 2019-05-03).