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Read : 2020-06-25

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Private gain, public loss” by Alon Harel (Aeon, 2020-06-20).
  2. The economy is a mess. So why isn’t the stock market?” by Neil Paine (FiveThirtyEight, 2020-06-19). One theory: “a savings glut”.
  3. The Walt Disney Company: A complicated but compelling opportunity at today’s levels” by Williams Equity Research (Seeking Alpha, 2020-06-25).
  4. That drug expiration date may be more myth than fact” by Marshall Allen (NPR, 2017-07-18).
  5. Elaine massacre” (Wikipedia).

Read : 2019-11-26

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Bad thinkers“, by Quassim Cassam (Aeon, 2015-03-13).
  2. How running ruined my relationship, killed my faith…and saved my life“, by Allison Stockman (Narratively, 2018-04-16).
  3. My kids loved ‘Frozen 2’, but I am deeply confused“, by Michelle Ruiz (Vogue, 2019-11-25).
  4. Philip Roth, the incomparable American novelist, has died at eighty-five” (The New Yorker, 2018-05-22).
  5. The West at an impasse“, by Ross Douthat (NY Times, 2018-12-19).

Read : 2019-10-01

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Diplomacy in the crossfire of Donald Trump’s impeachment battle” (The Economist, 2019-09-29).
  2. Kenenisa Bekele’s huge day at the Berlin Marathon“, by Martin Fritz Huber (Outside Online). In the men’s race, Bekele crosses the finish first in 2:01:41.
  3. Sara Hall runs massive PR in Berlin, takes 5th place“, by Roger Robinson (Runner’s World, 2019-09-29). In the women’s race, Ashete Bekere crosses the finish first in 2:20:14, 7 seconds ahead of Mare Dibaba. Sara Hall of the United States ran a monster PR with a 5th-place finish in 2:22:16.
  4. Oregon Project coach Alberto Salazar banned 4 years for doping“, by Runner’s World Editors (Runner’s World, 2019-10-01). Salazar denies all accusations and plans to appeal.
  5. A historical look at Rice decathletes“, by Lance Phegley (Rice Owls, 2019-09-28).
  6. Disney investors are on edge but the growth story keeps getting better“, by Michael Henage (Seeking Alpha, 2019-10-01).
  7. Netflix has a 60% problem“, by Michael Henage (Seeking Alpha, 2019-09-30).

Read : 2019-07-18

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. China’s state-driven growth model is running out of gas“, by Greg Ip (Wall Street Journal, 2019-07-18).
  2. Netflix reports first drop in U.S. users in nearly a decade“, by Joe Flint & Patrick Thomas (Wall Street Journal, 2019-07-17).
  3. Why mom and pop businesses are a danger to your data“, by Sophia Akram (OZY, 2019-03-17).

Read : 2019-03-21

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. After Google, EU’s antitrust sights may turn to Amazon and Apple“, by Aoife White (Bloomberg, 2019-03-20).
  2. Did Apple execute major buyback“, by Bill Maurer (Seeking Alpha, 2019-03-20).
  3. Consumers are doubling — or tripling — down on streaming TV“, by Danny Vena (Motley Fool, 2019-03-20).
  4. Winter delight“, by John Cuneo (New Yorker, 2016-01-25). The cover art of the Jan. 25, 2016 issue.

Investing : 2019-01-28

A few articles on investing:

  1. Facebook: Year of the comeback“, by Gary Alexander (Seeking Alpha, 2019-01-28). Note that the author is long FB.
  2. 3 myths about Tesla that need to be squashed“, by Michael Henage (Seeking Alpha, 2019-01-28).
  3. Investors in Disney are being given a second chance“, by Michael Henage (Seeking Alpha, 2019-01-28).

Read : 2018-12-21

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. A theory of reality as more than the sum of its parts“, by Natalie Wolchover (Quanta Magazine, 2017-06-01).
  2. Mathematicians seal back door to breaking RSA encryption“, by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2018-12-17).
  3. Facebook is developing a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp transfers, sources say“, by Sarah Frier & Julie Verhage (Bloomberg, 2018-12-20).
  4. ‘Mary Poppins returns’ is a faithful tribute to the original“, by N.B. (The Economist, 2018-12-21).

A recipe:

  1. Buche de Noël“, by TyraRachele (

Read — 2018-07-20

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The brain may clean out Alzheimer’s plaques during sleep“, by Laura Beil (Science News, 2018-07-15).
  2. Comcast drops bid for Fox assets, will focus on pursuit of Sky“, by Shalini Ramachandran (Wall Street Journal, 2018-07-19).
  3. What’s your ideal caffeine fix? An algorithm can tell you“, by Jo Craven McGinty (Wall Street Journal, 2018-07-20).
  4. How to mat artwork” (WikiHow).

Read — 2018-07-12

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. How to have a better conversation about mental illness“, by Lisa Pryor (NY Times, 2018-07-11). An appeal for more, and more-targeted, mental health resources. Here are links to the World Population Review’s crude suicide rates by country (2018) and the World Health Organization’s pamphlet “Depression and other common mental disorders” (2017).
  2. A revolution is brewing to end homelessness“, by Brian Martucci (OZY, 2018-07-12). Developers and communities are beginning to realize they are not beholden to governments near or far to realize the changes they want to see, and not turning a blind eye to the issues in their backyards. Cool.
  3. Kylie Jenner will unseat Mark Zuckerberg as the youngest self-made billionaire in history“, by Lauren Valenti (Vogue, 2018-07-11).
  4. Disney and Comcast raise the stakes in the battle for Fox“, by Stephen Wilmot (Wall Street Journal, 2018-07-11).
  5. How online hobbyists can reaffirm your faith in the Internet“, by Farhad Manjoo (NY Times, 2018-07-11). Great article — read it!

    It is a reminder that the internet’s most effective trick is connecting disparate individuals into a coherent whole.

    It’s easy to slip into a consumerist mindset and forget that the internet works best by collecting individuals’ experience and wisdom and making it easily accessible to everyone else.

    The beauty of the hobbyist internet is not that it is free of partisan fighting, but that the fighting rarely takes center stage, because everyone is there to get something else done.

    Yeah, we’re each complicated human beings, with convictions and confessions. That shouldn’t stop us from working together to get things done. (Yes, I’m looking at you, politicians!)

Read — 2018-06-16

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Winners and losers in the coming telecom/tech shake-up“, by MoneyShow (Forbes, 2018-06-15).
  2. Top Facebook strategist to step down“, by Deepa Seetharaman (Wall Street Journal, 2018-06-14).
  3. AT&T, Time Warner and the entire media merger frenzy explained“, by Amol Sharma (Wall Street Journal, 2018-06-12). 3-minute video.
  4. What’s the difference between a NOOB and a NEWB?“, by Ryan Bayron (The Never Noob). A big one.