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Read : 2019-02-16

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. No, you can’t ignore email. It’s rude.“, by Adam Grant (NY Times, 2019-02-15). When it comes to replies, something is better than nothing — and, often, shorter is better. If you’re frequently short of time for something (answering email, being with friends, etc.), examine your modus operandi.

Read — 2017/12/21

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Big hedge funds want in on bitcoin“, by Gregory Zuckerman (Wall Street Journal).
  2. Venezuela’s brutal crime crackdown: executions, machetes, and 8,292 dead“, by Juan Forero & Maolis Castro (Wall Street Journal). W.T.F.
  3. China’s Didi cashes up to go global in next stage of Uber battle” (Bloomberg).
  4. LaVar Ball plans to start league for high school graduates“, by Darren Rovell (ESPN). Face it, America: We bemoan violations on “living wages” and “tax evasion”, but we’ve happily let higher education turn into the worst violators of workers’ rights and tax law in all of history. American universities run their own sports leagues without paying their athletes, run their own hedge funds without paying taxes,… WAKE UP!!!
  5. Wedding plus-one etiquette: rules for bringing a date to weddings“, by Marissa Miller & Jamie Lincoln (Vogue).
  6. From blackboard to bedside: high-dimensional geometry is transforming the MRI industry“, by David Donoho (American Mathematical Society).
  7. My father AndrĂ© Weil“, by Sylvie Weil (American Mathematical Society).
  8. So you think you want to upgrade your compact digital camera“, by Dan Wallach. NOTE: Article from 2011. Dr. Wallach is a professor of computer science and electrical and computer engineering at Rice University, focusing on computer systems and cybersecurity. He is also a “serious amateur” photographer.