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Tag: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Read : 2020-01-24

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Operation Encore and the Saudi connection: A secret history of the 9/11 investigation” by Tim Golden & Sebastian Rotella (ProPublica, 2020-01-23).
  2. Feel like kids, spouse, work giving you gray hair? They may be” by Jessica Lau (The Harvard Gazette, 2020-01-22).
  3. Brain gain: A person can instantly blossom into a savant — and no one knows why” by Darold A. Treffert (Scientific American, 2018-07-25). Dr. Treffert has “studied savant syndrome for over 50 years” and maintains a page of resources on savant syndrome at SSM Health.
  4. The myth of self-reliance” by Jenny Odell (The Paris Review, 2020-01-15). The author’s eyes are opened to the interdependency of even self-reliant human beings. The end of the article comes across as “look how woke I am, now”, to me.
  5. At what age does our ability to learn a new language like a native speaker disappear?” by Dana G. Smith (Scientific American, 2018-05-04). Although the study had more than 600,000 online respondents, some researchers question its conclusions. Responses were self-reported, and the study created its own test of language proficiency rather than using an existing one.
  6. Introduction to human behavioral biology” by Robert Sapolsky (YouTube, 2011-02-01). 57m14s video.
  7. Niiya sets Japanese record in dominant Houston Half performance” by David Monti (FloTrack, 2020-01-19).
  8. Answering your questions: The World Marathon Majors” by Terrell Johnson (The Half Marathoner, 2019-07-17).
  9. Why you should stop fully charging your smartphone now” by Janine E. Mooney (EE World Online, 2015-11-09). Rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are ubiquitous in consumer electronics, but the technology has an inherent limit on the number of times a Li-ion battery can be recharged. To maximize the life of your Li-ion battery, this article (and others) recommend keeping your battery’s charge between 40% and 80%.

Read : 2019-06-14

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Telegram hit by DDoS attack! Blames China” (Ciso Mag, 2019-06-13). The attack coincides with political protests in Hong Kong against the mainland government; protestors reportedly use Telegram to coordinate, and Telegram founder Pavel Durov claimed the attack came mainly from IP addresses in China. The article clearly explains a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.
  2. ‘Brave like Gabe’: Remembering the runner who never gave up in the face of an unbeatable opponent“, by Tim Layden (Sports Illustrated, 2019-06-11). What a rousing end to the story, how fitting given Gabe’s foundation, and how lovely the parallel to athletics, were this once unbeatable opponent taken down by team effort in the (near?) future.
  3. The U.S. is purging Chinese cancer researchers from top institutions“, by Peter Waldman (Bloomberg Businessweek, 2019-06-13).
  4. How Washington learned to love debt and deficits“, by Kate Davidson & Jon Hilsenrath (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-13).
  5. Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, libra, gets big backers“, by AnnaMaria Andriotis, Peter Rudegeair, & Liz Hoffman (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-13).
  6. Who ‘deserves’ to go to Harvard?“, by Heather Mac Donald (Wall Street Journal, 2019-06-13). One extreme, as told by the other? Power imbalances exist; systemic inequities exist; feelings of entitlement exist. Each can be protected against, exploited, mitigated, exacerbated. As for the “capitalist ethos”,…what’s described sounds more like a “meritocratic ethos”, no?
  7. The Engadget staff on ‘Neon genesis evangelion’“, by Daniel Cooper (Engadget, 2019-06-14). Netflix is set to release the 24-year-old Japanese series on its platform 21 June.