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Read : 2020-04-22

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The federal fisc” by Karen Dynan & Douglas Elmendorf (Harvard Magazine, 2020-05).
  2. Will truth prevail?” by Drew Pendergrass (Harvard Magazine, 2020-05). “What is truth?” –Pontius Pilate
  3. Eventbrite: Global shutdowns will inflict heavy damage” by Gary Alexander (Seeking Alpha, 2020-04-22).

Read : 2020-04-13

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Markets are mistaken. The worst isn’t over.” by Larry Hatheway & Alex Friedman (Barron’s, 2020-04-13).

Read : 2020-04-08

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Wuhan finally free as Chinese stocks rebound” by Alex Frew McMillan (Real Money, 2020-04-08). “Chinese shares have gained 7.1% since March 23, when death and infection counts clearly started to slow. That trimmed stock losses for the year by half to a 7.7% fall in 2020.” The article also discusses (speculates on) the true extent of the disease in China and other countries.
  2. Zoom Video Communications poses new risk parameters for longs” by Bruce Kamich (Real Money, 2020-04-07).

Read : 2020-03-23

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The coder and the dictator” by Nathaniel Popper & Ana Vanessa Herrero (NY Times, 2020-03-20).
  2. Cryptography pioneer seeks secure elections the low-tech way” by Susan D’Agostino (Quanta Magazine, 2020-03-12).
  3. I read the 1936 book that launched Warren Buffet’s career and it’s truly inspiring” by Bill Murphy Jr. (Inc, 2018-08-02). The author points out the following five lessons: (1) Act now, not tomorrow. (2) Do what you know. (3) There’s no time like right now. (Similar in spirit to point 1.) (4) Ordinary people can become extraordinary. (5) Every generation thinks they have it harder.
  4. Does running a marathon suppress your immune system?” by James Turner & John P Campbell (Medical Express, 2018-04-18). An article pointing out reasons to be skeptical of earlier evidence that endurance athletics suppresses the immune system.
  5. Immune to it all” by Jayme Moye (Runner’s World, 2011-09-29). Tips for staying healthy.

Read : 2020-03-05

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. How political ideas keep economic inequality going” by Christina Pazzanese (The Harvard Gazette, 2020-03-03). “We’ve been accustomed for several decades to treaties without any explicit fiscal or social policy. This has to change.”
  2. Buffet lost $90 billion by not following his own advice” by Lance Roberts (Seeking Alpha, 2020-03-04). Sensational title.

Read : 2020-02-12

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The nuclear family was a mistake” by David Brooks (The Atlantic, 2020-03). An extended look at extended family.
  2. How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime” by Harry Low (BBC News, 2017-01-06). Restricted availability, strict ownership conditions, and intentional de-escalation during tense encounters by law enforcement.
  3. ‘The intelligence coup of the century’” by Greg Miller (Washington Post, 2020-02-11). As Bruce Schneier corrects on his blog, “this isn’t really news…What is new is the formerly classified documents describing the details”.
  4. Cybersecurity tips for international travelers” (US Federal Communications Commission).
  5. Airbnb swings to a loss as costs climb ahead of IPO” by Jean Eaglesham, Maureen Farrell, & Kirsten Grind (Wall Street Journal, 2020-02-11).

Read : 2020-02-11

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Pinterest: Limited reasons for enthusiasm” by Gary Alexander (Seeking Alpha, 2020-02-11).

Read : 2020-01-27

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. A survivor’s diary emerges from Auschwitz” by Bojan Pancevski (Wall Street Journal, 2020-01-24).
  2. Auschwitz survivors warn of rising anti-Semitism 75 years on” by Vanessa Gera (Associated Press News, 2020-01-27).
  3. What if competition isn’t as ‘natural’ as we think?” by John Favini (Slate, 2020-01-23).
  4. Kobe Bryant’s brilliant and complicated legacy” by Marc Stein (NY Times, 2020-01-26).
  5. Switch from your internet provider’s email to something better” by Whitson Gordon (NY Times, 2020-01-24). A how-to guide with recommendations.
  6. These people really care about fonts” by Fabrice Robinet (NY Times, 2020-01-24). And so can you!
  7. What if it were Obama on trial?” by Nicholas Kristof (NY Times, 2020-01-25).
  8. Your inability to do pullups is all in your head” by Christie Aschwanden (Medium, 2020-01-22). OK, actually, it isn’t, until it is. This article includes links to Marine Lt. Col. Misty Posey’s pull-up manifesto and pull-up training guide.

    Technique is important, Posey says. Grip the bar tightly with your pinkie knuckle over the top of the bar. Tuck in your pelvis, and keep your abs tight. Pull your arms down into your shoulder sockets, and keep your shoulders down (the opposite of shrugging). Hang your legs straight, and keep your head neutral. As you begin the exercise, keep your abs and glutes tight, and concentrate on pulling your elbows to your ribs and your chin over the bar (don’t lift your chin up).

Two references related to investing (always do your own research!):

  1. Blue Origin: Time for liftoff?” by Michael Wenner (EquityZen, 2020-01-24). Light on content.
  2. Renewables to lead world energy usage by 2050: 3 stocks to buy” by Aparajita Dutta (Yahoo!Finance, 2020-01-14). Bloom Energy Corp (BE), JinkoSolar Holding (JKS), and Sunrun (RUN).

Read : 2020-01-08

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. How Schopenhauer’s thought can illuminate a midlife crisis” by Kieran Setiya (Aeon, 2018-01-26). Distinguishing — and balancing — telic and atelic activities. Calls to mind the narrator’s early critique of Amory Blaine in “This side of paradise“.
  2. Tesla: There is a better option to invest your money and addressing bullish Tesla arguments” by The European View (Seeking Alpha, 2020-01-07). And the better option is…Volkswagen?

Read : 2019-12-23

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Chocolate: The ultimate guide for informed indulgers” by Simran Sethi (Wall Street Journal, 2019-12-19).
  2. Master stockpicker Peter Lynch: If you only invest in an index, you’ll never beat it” by Leslie P. Norton (Barron’s, 2019-12-20).
  3. You should be freaking out about privacy” (NY Times, 2019-12-20). Video (12m15s). I appreciate raising people’s awareness of facts and risks. I appreciate less the flagrant fear-mongering and being told what to think and how to respond.