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Read : 2020-05-26

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Graduate student solves decades-old Conway knot problem” by Erica Klarreich (Quanta Magazine, 2020-05-19).
  2. The world’s greatest coach is not who you think” by Joshua Robinson & Ben Cohen (Wall Street Journal, 2020-05-19). Water polo legend Ratko Rudic.
  3. The mystical, mind-sharing lives of tulpamancers” by Katie Tandy (Narratively, 2019-12-12).
  4. Jacinda Ardern sold a drastic lockdown with straight talk and mom jokes” by Damien Cave (NY Times, 2020-05-23).
  5. Money and modern life” by Daniel Lopez (Aeon, 2020-05-25).
  6. What is the difference between ‘metonymy’ and ‘synechdoche’?” (Merriam-Webster).
  7. Till we have faces” (Wikipedia). A novel by C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman (husband and wife).
  8. Humpback whales have made a remarkable recovery, giving us hope for the planet” by Dr. Kirsten Thompson (Time, 2020-05-16).
  9. Over 100 million in China’s northeast face renewed lockdown” (Bloomberg News, 2020-05-18).
  10. Does contact tracing necessarily sacrifice privacy? (via Nicky Case)” by 3Blue1Brown (YouTube, 2020-05-14).

Good to know : HTML, LaTeX, and hyperreferences to particular pages of a pdf :

  1. Create a URL to open a PDF file at a specific page” (Adobe).
  2. # converting to %23 in links to external PDFs” (GitHub).

Also good to know : The meaning behind the lyrics of “Yankee Doodle” :

  1. Why did Yankee Doodle call a feather ‘macaroni’?” (Merriam-Webster).

Reference : Alexander Grothendieck and the 1988 Crafoord Prize

Related articles:

  1. Lettre d’Alexandre Grothendieck” (Le Monde, 1988-05-04).
  2. Letters from A. Grothendieck” (Mathematical Intelligencer, 1988).

Read : 2020-01-29

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Oh sure, big tech wants regulation — on its own terms” by Justin Sherman (Wired, 2020-01-28). Why the surprised tone? And do I sense hypocrisy?
  2. Translating black holes to the public — in 25 languages” by Alvin Powell (The Harvard Gazette, 2020-01-28).
  3. Charles Lieber arrested” by Jonathan Shaw (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01-28).
  4. Reflections of a mathematics teacher educator: Considerations for mathematicians who teach teachers” by Christina Eubanks-Turner (Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 2020-02).

Read : 2019-12-18

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Graduate students strike” by Marina N. Bolotnikova (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01/02).
  2. Forum: Doing less harm” by David Hemenway (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01/02).
  3. The mystery of mathematics” by Jacob Barandes (Harvard Magazine, 2020-01/02).
  4. Famous fluid equations spring a leak” by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2019-12-18).
  5. What is chocolate? Don’t go through the rest of your life not knowing” by Alex Beggs (Basically, 2019-12-11).
  6. Why California should not adopt New York’s ‘right to shelter’” by Deborah Padgett (OZY, 2019-12-18).
  7. A surveillance net blankets China’s cities, giving police vast powers” by Paul Mozur & Aaron Krolik (NY Times, 2019-12-11).

Read : 2019-12-14

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Mathematician proves huge result on ‘dangerous’ problem” by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2019-12-11). An article on Terry Tao’s recent contribution to the Collatz conjecture. The article cites this 2011 blog post by Tao, which in turn cites this xkcd comic.
  2. What would Jesus do about inequality?” by Molly Worthen (NY Times, 2019-12-13).

Read : 2019-08-15

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. New proof settles how to approximate numbers like pi“, by Kevin Hartnett (Quanta Magazine, 2019-08-14). A proof of the Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture.
  2. Finally, a Christmas rom-com that doesn’t look terrible“, by Christian Allaire (Vogue, 2019-08-14).
  3. Eventbrite: Not a turnaround yet“, by Gary Alexander (Seeking Alpha, 2019-08-14).
  4. The stock and bond divide“, by Real Vision (Seeking Alpha, 2019-08-06).

Read : 2019-06-05

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. The ambitious plan to reinvent how websites get their names“, by Mike Orcutt (MIT Technology Review, 2019-06-04). An overview of the domain name system (DNS), how the open-source blockchain project Handshake Network is developing a decentralized option to work with the existing (centralized) model, and the (mostly technical) obstacles it faces.
  2. Why longer lives mean the future of US politics is female“, by Nick Fouriezos (OZY, 2019-06-05). A surge of female interest in American politics after the 2016 election. Lack of supporting infrastructure and incentive. Rethinking what politics looks like, using technology. And…lifelong politicians? We already have those. What is their effect on democracy? Does the ratio of female to male lifelong politicians change the effect?
  3. Math’s beautiful monsters“, by Adam Kucharski (Nautilus, 2014-04-03). A fly in the ointment can lead to refined ointment. OK, not a great metaphor. Also, I didn’t know that Weierstrass was something of an outsider to the “established” mathematical community at the time. Are such outsiders more likely to propose unorthodox ideas and theories? (Perhaps they value the established community’s esteem, and their place in it, less than others?)
  4. The people screaming for blood have no idea how tech actually works“, by Kara Swisher (NY Times, 2019-06-04). Swisher writes that politicians “have stayed stubbornly ignorant” about tech, and that our government needs to be “creatively proactive” in regulating tech. Can people who are ignorant be effective, let alone creative? What would incentivize politicians (and the general public) to learn how tech works?

Read : 2019-05-20

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Goro Shimura, 89, mathematician with broad impact, is dead“, by Kenneth Chang (NY Times 2019-05-13).
  2. Excuse me! The problem with methane“, by Peter Ryaner (Australian Academy of Science). A recent article (“Methane removal and atmospheric restoration“, by R.B. Jackson et al., in Nature Sustainability) suggests using zeolites to reduce CH4 in the atmosphere.
  3. How do you stand to benefit from blockchain and IoT advances?“, by Tracy Leigh Hazzard (Inc., 2019-04-09). Reads like an advertisement for XYO. Gives some ideas for near-future applications of blockchain.

Read : 2019-04-25

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. How healthy is the internet?” (Mozilla, 2019).
  2. Emotional intelligence: The social skills you weren’t taught in school“, by Eric Ravenscraft (Life Hacker, 2019-02-20?). The fruits of the social spirit: self-awareness, self-management, motivation, empathy, and social skills. One pattern that emerges in techniques to develop these is to intentionally give time to listen, both to others, and to yourself.
  3. You’re not getting enough sleep — and it’s killing you“, by Emily Dreyfuss (Wired, 2019-04-20). The neuroscientist whose TED talk the article highlights — Matthew Walker — has several recorded talks on YouTube (though not the TED 2019 talk, yet), including “Why we sleep” (2015; 14:02), “Why we sleep: the new science of sleep and dreams” (2017; 54:51), and “Joe Rogan Experience #1109” (2018; 1:55:32).
  4. How to find your purpose and do what you love“, by Maria Popova (Brain Pickings, 2014-02-27).
  5. Can Uber ever make money?” (The Economist, 2019-04-27). The Economist glances back at centuries of the taxi industry for clues about Lyft’s and Uber’s future. Absent extensive regulation, they do not see a profitable picture.
  6. Made in China, exported to the world: the surveillance state“, by Paul Mozur, Jonah M. Kessel, & Melissa Chan (NY Times, 2019-04-24). While China is a modern poster child for the surveillance state, is it unfair to suggest that the system was “made in China”? Perhaps “adopted and furthered by China, returned to the rest of the world”?

Two math articles:

  1. What is a Coleman integral?“, by Jennifer S. Balakrishnan (American Mathematical Society, 2019-05).
  2. Hunting for foxes with sheaves“, by Michael Robinson (American Mathematical Society, 2019-05).

Read : 2019-04-19

First, for each of our edification and convenience, here is the (redacted) version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s “Report on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election” and Attorney General William Barr’s summary thereof. We can read the articles, and listen to the talking heads, but at the end of the day, let’s do our own homework, and think for ourselves.

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Worknesh Degefa cruises to 123rd Boston Marathon title“, by Barbara Heubner (Boston Athletic Association, 2019-04-15).
  2. Lawrence Cherono wins 2019 Boston Marathon title with last second surge“, by James O’Brien (Boston Athletic Association, 2019-04-15).
  3. Precise definitions of mathematical maturity“, by Benjamin Braun (American Mathematical Society, 2019-04-15).
  4. The bulldogs that bulldogs fight“, by Pradeep Mutalik (Quanta Magazine, 2019-04-17). A few logic puzzles.

A few articles on Pinterest (PINS):

  1. What to know about Pinterest before its IPO“, by David Trainer (Seeking Alpha, 2019-04-18).
  2. Pinterest: priced for failure“, by James Bonifer (Seeking Alpha, 2019-04-18).